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DRP Concreting are experts on the Central Coast when it comes to decorative concrete driveways. We provide concrete colour and stencil stamp types of concrete driveways. Check out our gallery of past decorative driveway projects and contact us for a written quote and proposal. We will work closely with you and provide the best service to get the driveway you deserve. Get in touch today

When homeowners build a new driveway to improve an existing one, most of them turn to concrete. But it is not the typical, boring grey thing anymore. Concrete is a material that has it all. It is easy to maintain, looks impressive, durable, and versatile.

Since concrete can be forged into various patterns, colours, and textures, it is a flexible part of the overall design and increases the value of your driveway. These range of options can complement your driveway and your driveway will last for long with minimal maintenance needed.

Contractors say that decorative concrete driveways cost less than using other materials like slate and brick. Another benefit of decorative concrete driveways is that they don’t buckle or sink like those made from grouted stones or other materials that utilise a paver system. Also, you will not have seed or grass growing through the joints, which usually happen when you have a stone driveway.

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What do we do?

Common concrete mixes:

We offer a wide range of standard concrete mixes, providing various strengths, sizes, and finishes from exposed aggregate and trowel finish to float.
All our mixes adhere to the Australian Standards and are strictly tested to ensure their quality.

Stencil and Stamp Designs:

Stencil and stamp concrete designs are a beautiful way of finishing your pathways and driveways. They need a particular mix of concrete, and our team has all the necessary experience, skills, and tools needed to create an excellent finish for you.

Concrete colour:

See the range of colours that we offer courtesy of Parchem Australia and the leading supplier and manufacturer in New Zealand.

PLEASE NOTE: the colours shown should be utilized as a guide for your selection only. A change in shading or colour might occur based on the condition of your task and the device you are using to view the colours.

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